Come Cat Skiing And Improve Your Skills

steep skiing at White Grizzly Cat Skiing, Meadow Creek, BCWant to take your skiing to a whole new level this winter? Then book one of our ‘Steep Ski Clinics,’ offered on select trips. Expert ACMG guides will provide valuable tips and insights, helping advanced skiers refine their skills on the steep treed slopes of the Kootenays, which White Grizzly is famous for.

Riding the trees may seem like an obstacle course, but for those who know them, they offer a playground of pillows, drops, and other terrain features not found in the alpine. And under the watchful eye of a professional guide, guests can safely explore these exhilarating slopes.

White Grizzly’s subalpine forests of well-spaced spruce and balsam fir, in the Selkirk Mountains where our tenure is located, are perfectly formed for this style of backcountry skiing. (In most other regions of BC, the trees tend to be bigger and too tight to ski.) The area accumulates an average of 11-15m (36-50 ft) of snowfall in a typical season and the snow is often better in the trees because it’s protected from wind and sun, staying as powder much longer than on open slopes.

These cat ski trips will be offered at no extra cost and are suitable for advanced-export skiers and snowboarders. They are not for beginners. The clinics and terrain choices will be subject to weather and snowpack conditions.

Steep Ski Clinic Dates are Jan. 10-12, Jan. 17-20, and March 16-18, 2024. Contact us today to learn more or to book a spot.