At White Grizzly, our terrain is what sets us apart. While many of our runs start above treeline (who doesn’t like some cruisy turns on a bluebird day) that’s not what we’re all about. There are plenty of places out there for all-day, blue-run, alpine skiing (like most other cat and heli lodges). What we find most interesting are the steeps, the chutes and the drops. Riding the trees, choosing terrain features to play on, and those cushy pillows of prime Kootenay Coldsmoke. It’s the freedom of finding your own lines but still within the safety of a guided experience.

Our private mountain playground is in the Goat Range of BC’s Selkirk Mountains, right in the middle of one of North America’s most consistent snow belts. The catskiing zone faces northeast, keeping it largely protected from the sun and wind and is well-supported for riding in nearly all conditions, Our upcoming ski touring program will access the rest of the mountain – a total of 11,000 skiable acres.

Come experience the thrill of steep tree skiing.


The ride up is part of the White Grizzly experience – it’s a chance to rest and refuel, warm up, get pumped listening to music and prepare yourself for the next run. Our cats are heated, have comfy seats and bluetooth speakers and ample storage space. Because we only have one snowcat out at a time, your group will have the whole mountain to yourselves. But never worry, we always have a backup cat waiting in case there’s ever a problem.


We ski during the heart of winter, from mid-December through to the start of April and offer a choice of three or four day pakages. You can expect to do between six and nine runs each day. This equates to 5,000 vertical metres or 16,500 feet. Our trips are all-inclusive and cover the skiing, guiding, comfortable lodge, chef-prepared meals, snacks, après and more.


We cater to advanced-expert skiers and snowboarders who are comfortable in deep powder, steep trees and the hardest runs you would find at a resort – double black diamonds in North America or black runs in Europe.

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