Steep & Deep

Our famous, soft and fluffy powder is protected from the wind and sun to maximize your ski experience. Our ski guides are skilled in curating your day to take advantage of the best conditions, always with safety top of mind. We are continually developing our terrain and in addition to our famous steep tree skiing we have increased access to open powder fields, bowls and sweet pillow lines.

The Snow Cat

Because we only have one cat out at a time, your group will have the whole mountain to yourselves. The ride up is all part of the White Grizzly experience – it’s a chance to rest and refuel, warm up, get pumped listening to music and prepare yourself for the next run.

The Ski Trips

We ski during the heart of winter, from mid-December through to the start of April and offer a choice of three or four day trips. You can expect to cover between six and nine runs each day. This equates to 5,000 vertical metres or 16,500 feet.

Who is it for?

White Grizzly is for advanced skiers and boarders who are comfortable in deep powder, steep trees and the hardest runs you would find at a resort – double black diamonds in North America or black runs in Europe.

Plan Your Trip

Start planning your trip to White Grizzly!