Immersed in the tranquility of nature, our charming, timber-frame lodge is a haven nestled near the northern shores of Kootenay Lake. Though easily accessible by car, stepping into our lodge transports you to the untouched heart of the Kootenays, surrounded by the vast, BC backcountry, far from the clamor of everyday life. It’s a retreat into rustic luxury, cradled by the rugged Selkirk Mountains.

Here, evenings unfold with the warmth of a crackling fire, where stories of the day’s adventures mingle with laughter, and the gentle strums of an acoustic guitar, all in the company of friends, old and new. The lodge boasts a cozy lounge area and five bedrooms, each offering the comfort of ensuite facilities. While guests are encouraged to bring their own beverages and settle in with ease, our attentive staff remain at hand to ensure your stay is as comfortable as it is memorable.

Welcome to White Grizzly Lodge, where the wilds of the Kootenays are your backdrop for an unforgettable escape.

Lodge Amenities

  • High-Speed Wifi.
  • Meeting Facilities.
  • Private Hot Tub.
  • Professional Kitchen.
  • Free Parking On-Site.

Savoring the Kootenays: A Farm-to-Table Dining Adventure

At White Grizzly Lodge, dining is an experience that deeply connects you with the local landscape and its bounty. We pride ourselves on a farm-to-table ethos, where every meal is a celebration of the freshest, most flavorful ingredients sourced from the surrounding farms and local suppliers.
Our kitchen crafts seasonally inspired menus that highlight the best of what the Kootenays have to offer, from succulent meats and fresh fish to vibrant vegetables and herbs, all grown and harvested with care by our community of farmers and local suppliers. Dining with us is not just about enjoying a meal; it’s about savoring the rich, natural flavors of our region, fostering a deeper appreciation for the land, and supporting the local community. We’ll ensure every dining experience is an integral part of your adventure in the Kootenays.



Rental of the entire lodge is CAD1,110 per night (up to 12 guests, 2 night minimum, taxes extra)
Catering is CAD139/day per person

CONTACT US to reserve.