Exploring cat skiing and heli skiing in BC. What is the best choice for your next backcountry skiing or boarding adventure?

Are you an adventurous skier or snowboarder wanting to explore the Canadian backcountry – the promise of epic and untouched pow-pow? British Columbia is renowned for stunning mountain ranges and world-class backcountry skiing. Cat Skiing and Heli Skiing in BC are both great ways to access incredible backcountry experiences.

It’s a uniquely incredible and memorable opportunity to escape the groomed trails and chairlift crowds of the resorts. When you want to explore pristine, untracked powder, the options include cat skiing and heli skiing in BC. But, with only limited time to get out and enjoy untouched snow, which experience is the best for you?

Let’s explore the differences between cat skiing and heli skiing in BC. We want to help you make an informed decision, maximizing your time to enjoy a memorable skiing adventure.

What is cat skiing?

Cat skiing is a unique skiing or snowboarding experience, using snowcats to access remote and pristine backcountry terrain. Snowcats are powerful vehicles that can transport skiers to hard-to-reach locations. The cats allow advanced skiers and snowboarders to enjoy the experience of untouched powder and stunning scenery easily and comfortably. 

At White Grizzly Cat Skiing, we have been providing a premium cat skiing experience for over 20 years. Our professional guides and operators will take you to the heart of the Selkirk and Purcell mountain ranges, where you can ski on over 7,000 acres of private land. 

What is heli skiing in BC?

On the other hand, heli skiing in BC is a skiing experience using helicopters to access remote and difficult-to-reach backcountry terrain. Helicopters can transport skiers to higher elevations and steeper terrain, providing access to incredible skiing opportunities.

The advantages of cat skiing

One of the most significant advantages of cat skiing is the exclusivity of the experience. Unlike skiing at a resort, cat skiing allows you to access untouched mountain terrain typically inaccessible by the general public. This means that you can enjoy fresh powder and breathtaking scenery without any crowds or distractions.

Cat skiing less weather-dependent than heli skiing. Since snowcats are not affected by weather conditions as helicopters are, cat skiing is more reliable and can run even when the weather is not perfect.

Furthermore, cat skiing is often more affordable than heli skiing, making it a great option for skiers who are on a budget. Since snowcats can transport more skiers at once than helicopters, the cost per skier is lower.

The advantages of heli skiing

One of the primary advantages of heli skiing in BC is the access it provides to remote and challenging terrain. Helicopters can transport skiers to locations that would be impossible to reach on foot or with snowcats, allowing skiers to enjoy some of the best skiing in the world. Helicopters allow skiers to cover more terrain in a shorter amount of time than other modes. Since helicopters can access higher elevations and steeper terrain, skiers can ski more vertical feet per run, even than they can with snowcats. A personalized experience, helicopters can transport only small groups of skiers to remote locations. It often provides a more intimate and exclusive skiing experience.

Choosing the backcountry skiing experience for you

Ultimately, the choice between cat skiing and heli skiing in BC depends on your skiing experience and preferences. If you are an intermediate skier who wants to experience the backcountry without tackling extreme terrain, cat skiing may be the right choice for you. If you are an experienced skier seeking to challenge yourself with steep and untouched terrain, heli skiing may be the right choice.

Why we think cat skiing rules!

Not surprisingly, we think cat skiing is the better choice over heli skiing in BC for the ultimate backcountry skiing and boarding experience. Yes, for skiers who want to enjoy exclusive access to pristine terrain without the crowds and distractions of a resort, both are great. But cat skiing is often the better choice for skiers and boarders seeking a backcountry skiing experience that is more exclusive, reliable, and accessible.

Unlike heli skiing, cat skiing is not dependent on weather conditions. In fact, it’s the more reliable option in inclement weather as it doesn’t impede the ability of snowcats to transport skiers and boarders to remote locations. We consider the ride to be part of the experience – rest, refuel, and get warm as you listen to great music getting excited for your next run. 

Cat skiing is also generally more accessible to intermediate skiers who may find heli skiing terrain too challenging. Additionally, cat skiing is more affordable than heli skiing, making it a great option for skiers and boarders on a budget who still want to enjoy a backcountry experience. 

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