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Looking for the ultimate winter getaway in the 2023/24 season? Consider cat skiing in Canada, specifically, cat skiing getaways in BC. Ditch the crowds, stop searching for elusive powder and prioritize quality experiences with White Grizzly.The dawn's embrace: Morning sun casts a golden hue on the untouched powdery slopes of BC, beckoning eager boarders to the best cat skiing experiences at White Grizzly in North America. Our famous powder is protected from the wind and sun to maximize your ski experience. Our ski guides are skilled in curating your trip to take advantage of the best conditions, always with safety top of mind. We are continually developing our terrain, and in addition to our famous steep tree skiing, we have increased access to open powder fields, bowls and deep pillow lines. We promise unparalleled mountain experiences, boasting more terrain than Whistler and Blackcomb combined. It’s not just any terrain – it’s an unrivaled private playground. Guests can expect between six and nine exhilarating runs daily. That’s an impressive 5,000 vertical meters or about 16,500 feet per day!

How to book

Secure the best cat skiing experience in BC; White Grizzly is now accepting bookings for the 2023/2024 season. To see if your desired dates are available, check out our availability calendar. Ready to make your reservation? You can request your spot here.

Questions or specific needs? Reach out at 250-366-4306 or drop us an email. We accommodate individuals, small groups, and full groups (up to 12 members) for both this and the next season. We offer skiing adventures from mid-December through to the start of April, with options for three or four-day trips.

Forecasts suggest Southern BC will experience average temperatures but significant snowfall in 2023/24. Ready to book your cat ski trip? Dive into an unparalleled experience with us!

Know before you go… Our Cat Skiing FAQs have you covered:

Cat Skiing FAQs