Terms & Conditions for White Grizzly Cat Skiing

Upon making a reservation at White Grizzly, all guests agree to these terms and conditions:


To confirm your reservation we require a non-refundable 50% deposit. Reservations will not be held until payment is received. A final deposit payment of 50% of your total amount is due on or before September 1st. For your convenience, we will send a reminder of the balance owing four weeks prior to the due date. If the final payment has not been received by the September 1st deadline, we will regretfully assume that you do not wish to keep your reservation and will resell your space without notice. Bookings made after September 1st require the entire 100% payment to secure a seat. All payments are non-refundable.

Should multiple individuals or groups wish to book the same dates, the spaces will be awarded to the first party that makes a deposit.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Many types of weather conditions can be encountered during your skiing experience. It is an extremely rare occurrence that weather would make it impossible for the us to operate. However, as White Grizzly has no control over the weather, natural forces and events, there is no guarantee of the conditions that you will encounter during your trip. White Grizzly does not provide refunds for any reason. Under no circumstances is White Grizzly responsible for the clients’ inconvenience or travel expenses.

Release of Liability

Please read this Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement carefully.

Wilderness skiing and snowboarding involves risks, dangers and hazards in addition to those normally associated with downhill skiing and snowboarding. A “Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement” is required to be signed by all guests prior to participating in our wilderness skiing or riding program. The waiver in your booking package and on the White Grizzly website is a sample only. You will sign the real document when you arrive at White Grizzly Lodge.

All claims – irrespective of a guest’s nationality – shall be governed in all respects by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of British Columbia, Canada. Please make sure that all members of your party are prepared to sign it once they arrive at White Grizzly Adventures. Only persons 16 and older will be allowed to participate on a White Grizzly trip.

The White Grizzly Guarantee

At White Grizzly, we are so committed to providing you with an extraordinary experience that we guarantee the quality of your active vacation. If your trip does not deliver the experience we promised, we pledge to address your concerns and work with you to remedy the situation. We value our relationship with you, our guest, and want it to be mutually rewarding and long-term.


We understand that occasionally events occur that prevent you from joining us for your trip. To avoid any financial hardship that an unexpected cancellation or interruption could cause, we strongly recommend purchasing Trip Cancellation / Interruption Insurance to protect your trip investment and provide additional peace of mind. Please check with your insurance company regarding your trip.

Important Notice:

Backcountry or regional restriction/closure or evacuation due to avalanche risk, state of emergency or civil authority, that cause you to interrupt or cancel your vacation may not be covered by insurance and will not be reimbursed or refunded by White Grizzly. Also note that inclement weather, poor conditions that impact the quality or enjoyment of your trip is not typically covered by insurance providers.

Late Arrivals

White Grizzly cannot make exceptions for any reason. There is no refund for arriving late or leaving early.

What Happens If a Guest Isn’t Fit Enough or Unable to Ski The Terrain

If a guest is unable to ski the terrain we offer or is overly tired/fatigued then White Grizzly has the right to “bench” them and they will be told to either stay in the cat for a period of time to recuperate or in extreme cases take the day off from the mountain. This is a safety concern. We ask all our guests to guarantee that they are able to ski or ride the terrain that we offer and we quiz them on their general fitness upon booking. We expect all our guests to be strong to expert skiers and snowboarders and capable of skiing the entire length of their trip. If a guest has given false information regarding this then White Grizzly is not at fault and the impact on the other guest’s experience is not the responsibility of White Grizzly.