Local "Other Than Cat Ski" Attractions

The Kootenay Valley is a wonderful place to visit, in both winter and summer. It would be unfortunate to travel all the way here, and miss out on some of our very unique features. There are both commercial and non-commercial natural hot-springs in the area, the nearest being Ainsworth approximately 20 minutes south of Kaslo, or 50 minutes from the White Grizzly Lodge. Just 10 minutes past Ainsworth, in Balfour, you will find the longest free ferry ride in the world. The ferry makes a 35 minute crossing over scenic Kootenay Lake, and is provided as an extension of BC Highways.

If you come in summer, there are many spectacular alpine hikes, with difficulty levels ranging from easy to challenging, and all with breathtaking views. One of the most popular, is an accessible and easy summer hike to Idaho Peak, which offers a panoramic vista of the surrounding peaks and valleys, and if you come in late July or August, allows you to witness thousands of delicate alpine wildflowers in bloom.

Below is a list of a few attractions we think you might find particularly interesting, but we strongly encourage you to explore further on your own, as there are many more Kootenay adventures waiting to be discovered!

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