The Art of Cat Skiing

The White Grizzly experience is one created by forethought, dedication to the craft, connection to the natural surroundings, inspiration via many essences, precise attention to detail, years of improvement on technique and training. White Grizzly is the Art of Cat Skiing.

In March of 2012, Carole and Brad hosted Winter Dreams, a five-day event that launched the incorporation of live-art into the White Grizzly Cat Skiing experience for those who desire it. Each day, an artist in residence went out on the mountain with the group, and the artist’s current works were on display at the Lodge and available for purchase. Guests may even commission particular scenes or portraits on the mountain.

Carole began to envision an evolution of art with skiing while working as the marketing manager of Le Massif Ski Area in Quebec. But she wanted to go beyond using resident-art as promotional material for her business, and create an opportunity where skiers could develop their own relationship with the art, and the artist. She feels this will allow them to appreciate their own experiences more deeply. She says:

“Art brings people to observe more profoundly their surroundings, and appreciate the details of nature…”

The current artist, Jean-François Racine, is a Quebec-born painter who combines his passion for skiing and painting into lifelike mountain scenes. He has extensive experience working with people in live settings; he has painted on the slopes of winter resorts around the country. His art revels in the beauty of nature, and conveys the joy many Canadian find in winter. He is most renowned for his ability to capture vivid patterns of light and colour, and his works can be found in many Canadian galleries and museums. Jean-François Racine's website.

White Grizzly is proud to host artists, photographers, videographers, cinematographers, sculpters to help celebrate winter and the majesty of Canadian mountains through art. You can have your journey at White Grizzly immortalized, simply contact the office to make arrangements.

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  • Thanks again so much Carole & Brad. Those were 2 of the deepest, dankest days I have ever experienced. Fact!
    –Dave Heath, Nelson BC