We believe that employing careful prudence allows us to enjoy the activities we love with confidence. Given the remoteness of our location and the advanced terrain we operate in, safety is more than a commitment at White Grizzly; it is the ethic that drives our business. There are many dangers associated with backcountry travel, and while all risk can never be completely eliminated, certain precautionary measures drastically reduce the risk of injury, or even death, on the mountain.

We provide our guests with top-of-the-line avalanche safety equipment (including airbag, transceiver, shovel and probe) and hold practice sessions on how to use this equipment effectively in the event of an emergency. Our guests are requested to check in early and attend an orientation on snow conditions, relevant hazards, and White Grizzly snowcat safety protocols. Our safety systems and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis. White Grizzly is a member of the Canadian Avalanche Association’s INFOEX. This is a daily information exchange between professional avalanche industry stakeholders and allows us to compare our mountain conditions and observations with other avalanche professionals in the surrounding areas.

Our highly experienced, certified guides meet on a daily basis to evaluate cat skiing run selections given current conditions, group dynamics and other factors. We maintain weather stations at the base and summit of our terrain to track trends in the snowpack and temperature. While we are on the mountain, we employ a system of checkpoints and check-ins to keep everyone moving swiftly and safely together as a group. Further back up is provided by continuous radio communication between the guides, cat and Lodge. For your benefit, we maintain a ratio of three highly trained professionals per group of 12 guests. One to lead your descent, and two tail guides to help you through any hurdles you may encounter. These passionate mountain professionals love sharing their experience with you! All guides remain current with industry practices, taking part in ongoing refresher training sessions and courses.

It is important to remember that as a guest, you are a significant part of our safety program. It is imperative to follow the guides’ instructions at all times, and to adhere to the guidelines we have in place, for your safety and ours. While we do everything in our power to assure your welfare while you stay with us, we will ask you to sign a waiver declaring your assumption of risk while you are at White Grizzly Cat Skiing.

For a copy of the waiver, see Release of Liability Waiver Form.

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  • Vous êtes parfaits! Grace a vous et a votre passion je suis tombé en amour avec les Kootenays! Dites-moi: comment je vais faire pour attendre a l’an prochain??! Hein? Grosses bises a vous tous!
    –Josée Prevost, Montreal QC