Rentals for Cat Skiing and Cat Boarding

We have the following selection of skis and snowboards available for rent, at a rate of $35.00 CAD (plus applicable taxes) per day.

Armada Bubba 130-143-127-132-123 168cm / 178cm / 188cm

Armada Bubba Fat Powder Freeride Skis

Armada JJ 126-136-115-133-123 155cm / 165cm / 175cm

Armada JJ Freeride Powder Rental Skis

Volkl "the One" 138-116-130 156cm / 166cm / 176cm / 186cm

Volkl One Full Rocker Powder Skis for Rent

White Dot The Preacher 155-112-133 169cm / 179cm / 189cm

WhiteDot Preacher Fat Powder Freeride Rental Skis

Burton Fish 312-255-282 156cm / 160cm

Burton Fish developed at White Grizzly Cat Skiing for Freeride Powder

Rad-Air Tanker Freeride 295-250-285 172cm

Rad-Air Tanker specialized Powder Freeride Rental Snowboard

Salomon Fastback 305-255-295 167cm

Salomon Fastback Freeride Powder Snowboard for rent

Oftentimes guests will arrive with their own skis or boards, and then decide to cat ski with the wider platforms we offer. Wider platforms offer an increased turn and float ratio and tend to be safer on the steep, deep, powder of our forested terrain.

* Bring your own boots with you, and carry them as hand luggage (in your car or on the plane.)

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  • fantastische Carole & Brad
    + fantastisches Team
    + fantastische Lodge
    + fantastische Gäste
    + fantastisches Skifahren
    + fantastisches Essen
    + fantastisches Meadow Creek
    = wir sind bald zurück!
    Danke für alles, ihr habt einen fantastischen Ort!
    –Christophe Defforey, München, GER