The Kootenay area is the Shangri-La of backcountry sports. In winter, the region sees some of the best cat ski conditions in the world, with four of the six oldest mechanized backcountry operations within sight of the tenure area. No crowds or line-ups for our powder such as those that exist in more densely populated areas, and incredible rugged terrain bringing high snowfall. The temperatures are surprisingly moderate, even at high elevations, and the snow is dry, light and deep. The average annual snowfall is 13 meters (510 inches), the majority of which falls during White Grizzly's Cat Skiing operating season: early-December to April.

The Mountain where White Grizzly has snowcat skiing tenure is adjacent to the Goat Range Provincial Park, and is part of the legendary Selkirk Mountain Range.

Most of the White Grizzly cat ski runs have an impressive 900 meters (2800 feet) of vertical, with 30-50 degree slopes and largely north-east facing, sun & wind-sheltered aspects. The terrain has incredible variety, including three massive alpine bowls, epically steep powder chutes and 20 straight years of hand gladed fall lines -where you find our signature steep and deep tree-runs.

Meadow Creek, located at the headwaters of Kootenay Lake, is a tiny hamlet of around 80 eclectic residents. It has one gas station which doubles as general store and post office, a small pub, and a couple of backyard lumber-milling operations. The area was originally settled in the 1800s during the mining rush, and later experienced industry resurgence through forestry. In the ‘60s it was discovered by a wave of counter culture-nature loving-back to the landers. Soon after that, in the mid ‘70s, it witnessed the genesis of cat skiing. The first and longest-running cat skiing operation is just a stone’s throw from our Lodge, and White Grizzly is the 4th oldest cat operation in Canada.

The Kootenay Region is well known for its culture of alternative life-styles, diverse and rich arts communities, beautifully restored heritage towns and of course, incredible natural beauty. Some of the region’s most remarkable features include pristine glacier-fed lakes, all-natural hot springs, spectacular alpine peaks, kilometers of untouched old-growth forest, and populations of wildlife that entirely swallow the small human settlements scattered through these valleys.

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  • Got the biggest air of my life, the steepest treed powder of my life. Pretty much the best 2 days on the board ever. Aside from the amazing powdered terrain the food was unbelievable and Brad & Carole you have it all. Couldn’t end my holiday in Canada better. Thanks.
    –Jody McOzzy, Aspen Adventure TV, CO